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Welcome to Why Not I Write It?


Where my Mission is to inspire, encourage, motivate, and present positive aspirations for dreamers like me.

My Goal is to empower those ambitions by sharing example from my life experiences, showing that even with obstacles all things can be achieved through prayer, hard work, trials, and perseverance. 

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Through creative writing, I've been able to step in faith.

Faith without work is dead.


Nahsek Productions

Where dreams can become reality


I'm Keeshann, a dedicated motivational speaker committed to personal growth and continuous learning. Each day, I embrace new knowledge and innovative ideas, incorporating them into my life to inspire positive change.

My passion lies in empowering individuals to relentlessly pursue their dreams and aspirations, irrespective of their size. I firmly believe that everyone possesses something exceptional to contribute to the world, and my mission is to guide individuals in discovering the courage to share their unique gifts.

Join me on this transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, let's unlock the potential within and embark on a path toward realizing your dreams.

Best regards,


Funny Fact

Empower growth

Obstacles will come, it's how you handle them that matters.

Never Lose Faith

Even when life seems dark and gray always know that behind the clouds of despair the sun is shining, waiting to break through so it can shine upon you.  


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