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The compelling story of Marcus and Tonya Brown’s devotion. Throughout the decades of their marriage, the couple has seen many tragedies and triumphs, as well as from those who have crossed their path over the years. Marcus a hard, white collar worker also teaches the youth outreach at his church. While listening to many of the children’s stories he reflects over the many challenges he had to face growing up in an abusive, broken home along with the murder of his younger sister Melinda. Tonya an Access Associate at the local hospital, listens to a coworker’s (Maggie) cry for help and realizes their history shares many similarities, which takes them on a journey back in time ruminating their life transformation.

Invisible Line Team

Creator, Director, Producer , Artist and Musician

Keeshann Jones

Is a wife, mother of twenty plus children, an artist, creator and a published author. She is the screen writer for the Invisible Line series derived from the story "Lightning Strikes Twice." The founder of Nahsek Productions LLC. Nahsek meaning Pious Devotee which stands for spiritually devoted to doing the work of God. Nahsek is Keeshanns name backwards. She directed a camp ministry for inner city children for seven years, which she hopes to bring back once Invisible Line is off and running. One of her goals is to shed light on generational curses and show the hope that can be sustained when people learn how to deal with them.  

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De'Niaya Thomas

Is a writer, producer, and director. She is a Film graduate of Full Sail University. She also received a master’s degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. De’Niaya currently owns a production company, D Best Productions, LLC. Throughout her years in the film industry De’Niaya has worked on shows and films for networks and companies such as Food Network, Aspire, Netflix, HGTV, ESPN and several others. She has developed television and film concepts for various companies. Her goal is to change lives by inspiring those who watch her films.  

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Loni Ro

Is a tracking and mixing engineer who works in the music and the film industry. His clientele list includes Ray J, Love and Hip Hop, Mase, Akon, Anykar, and several others.  

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Scott Simms

Scott Simms was Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. While his backstory began pretty typical of a church raised kid, but life seemed to take a different route down his story line. He became a worship leader and sole musician at his home church at the age of 13, which he currently holds to date. In 2015 he decided to make his gifting public with his first single. Eventually signing to Playwright music in 2017 and did well for himself. Along the way he was clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety which became a 6 month mental battle for his life. By the grace of God he was able to lean on God and not his own strength to overcome that thing that would've taken his life. His musical goals are to make songs that glorify God in such an honest way that those who listen or come into contact with his message would inquire about salvation through Christ. 

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A team of artists and filmmakers, teamed up to create a miniseries that depicts real life situations. In the show, we capture the hard times the families go through while also showing the good that comes out of bad situations; not leading people to false hope, but delivering genuine awareness of the joy that can be achieved through faithfulness and forgiveness.       


Our goal is to expose the magnitude of hardships that people live through. On the contrary, showing how some people have chosen to be generous, giving, sacrificial and caring, no matter the race, creed or nationality of a person.    


Our mission is to highlight the lingering effects from generational curses, giving our audience solutions on how, if applied to one's life, can lead to overcoming intolerable family traditions. 


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goal of creating a miniseries depicting real life situation, offering realist solutions which we believe will have a positive impact on our television audience. Your generous donation will help fund our mission.                                     

  Thank you in advance!

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