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Check out the amazing opportunities that's happened. 

From idea to action, to pen to publish. 


Book Signing

At the end of April 2022, my husband and I got the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, California for the first time. There we attended the LA Times Festival of Books, where I got to highlight my series and participate in book signing.  

Book signing: On May 14,2022 at 46 E. Mulberry St. Lebanon, Ohio 45036 at the Mulberry St. Books store. The owner Angela Kovacich opened her doors for several authors to network and sale books. 

July 2, 2022, A New Chapter Bookstore owner Shaye Gadomski welcomed me and my family with open arms. Upon our arrival it was shared a children's corner was set up at the bookstore with fun activities. Wow it was amazing that I could do a book signing as well as have interactive fun with my husband and children. We went on a where's Waldo hunt throughout the small town where we got to meet several business owners happy to welcome us. Susan who works at the store and her husband were a delight to meet and get to know. The town of Lewisburg was voted the best little town and rightfully so.   


June of 2022 a few of my family members traveled to New Jersey, filming a short film with an awesome director and screenwriter Reverend Tamara Jackson called " For Eternity". My son Marquees and I got the opportunity to participate as actors and actress. Premier dates TBA. Follow on Instagram at foreternityshort2022 for updates.

Speaking/ Book Signing

August 5-6,2022 in Chicago, Illinois with Sister Soiree I was able to share along with a group of diverse extraordinary women on how to reach a balanced life. Getting prepared and speaking was a wonderful experience. But for me the best part of the experience was the learning I received from the other speakers. I was motivated, empowered, and inspired to continue to move forward in my dreams and goals. I would highly encourage anyone to follow Sister Soiree. You never know where your new vision or motivation may come from.

October 1st-2nd 2022 here in my home state of Ohio, I am excited to announce, we filmed my first short film called “Maggie” alongside a few wonderful women, a gifted film crew from Cinevita films and a fabulous team of exceptional people thrilled to help see my vision come to fortition. 2022 has been an exceptional year for me. Although I started it off bad with catching Covid, pneumonia and a double ear infection. Being sick and feeling bad for months was disheartening. Everyone was concerned about my heath and how well I would bounce back. I still have ruff days, but amid it, I press for the mark of achieving the goals and visions with which I’ve been blessed. We are not promised tomorrow so each day strive for a goal, a dream or something special you would like to achieve even if it’s something as small as eat a certain ice cream, all it takes is for you to go for it.

2023 had a wonderful trip to Cambodia where I met some phenomenal people learned a new culture and their history, seen some amazing ingenuity and the traffic that flowed like a mighty river and the food let's just say it was good. After three weeks I came home to a newborn baby born. I literally got off the plane with lack of sleep home to give hugs and off to the hospital where I had to stay with him over night. That was a first for me with a foster child. With baby in my arms, I created several films saying my experience in Cambodia and submitted my short film Maggie to several film festivals. I made one but was not premiered, all the rest Maggie were not chosen. I had a few moments of discouragement, but hearing from people how the film impacted them for the better by sharing the true struggle people go through was encouraging enough for me to keep pressing forward.  Throughout the year we had several great and fun opportunities. James my husband and two of our many children were chosen to go to California to do a commercial for Adopt us kids .org. While there we got to see the whales in the ocean. Of course, my husband freaked out that was funny. I got to learn so much being on that set. Things that I will use as I move forward as a film maker. In October I rented a movie theatre and premiered the short film, Maggie. It was crazy! Everything that could go wrong did. Jacob who was the director of photography for the film said, "If everything would have gone right you wouldn't be a great film maker". Boy I tell you what, I guess I am one of the great ones after that. The communication from everyone who attended was motivating. 

Check out the awe-inspiring ventures to come

April 2024 is time again to film another short. This time another character Marcus will be introduced to the scene.


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