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"See the signs, hear the inspiration, believe in yourself and live out your dream"

Growing up a dreamer, in the projects the big toy was my pirate ship. I dreamed; I was the captain commanding my crew as we sailed the seven seas. Being poor we lived in survival mode, but I was free to live in my imagination which was my outlet, because at the age of nine, I had to grow up to help my mother care for my brothers.

Displaying my creativity in elementary school got me noticed. I was selected to attend the school for creative and performing arts. I loved being at that school, it was the place my imagination ran wild. But my dreams were quickly shatter when my dance teacher said, I would never be a dancer. No matter my hard work, my dreams were crushed when he failed me out of the school.

As a teenager seeking fulfillment and love landed me in a relationship with a gang member. At sixteen I got pregnant. For me that was the best thing to happened. Being a mom sparked that shine I had as a dreamer. But my world was turned upside-down with violence, drama, and chaos. With my dreams again stifled, my life spiraled out of control. Then one day I could not take the madness anymore. If living with violence and chaos was all I had to look forward to, I no longer wanted to live. I was a mother of two and married against my will to a cheating, hateful man. Desperate for a little peace, I cried out to God. He answered. After my prayer, the next morning a man and woman showed up at my apartment. They got into the locked building and came to my door. The man stated, “God sent us, and He heard your prayer, He said hang in there everything is going to be alright.” Shocked I closed the door and ran around looking for hidden cameras and listening to the walls. After that day, God gave me peace in the chaos. My life was completely changed. My gang member husband tried to fight God and lost which changed his life for the better. Our transition was hard but with God all things are possible.

Today my husband James and I share five biological children, fifteen adopted and five foster children. We have ten children at home, ranging from ages fifteen to two. James and I strive to encourage and help others see hope when in a dark place.

Over the years I have been able to live out many of my childhood dreams. I got to be a dancer as a teacher for six years. Speak to the multitude through opportunities only God could have set up. I was even on a billboard I had no idea I was going to be on. One day while driving down the expressway I looked up and seen myself. I never dreamed of being a writer. I was told I was going to be a great writer. Ten years after that statement with encouragement from my children, I wrote my first book from none other than a dream. I self-published, but not having confidence in my abilities, I did not push for an audience. I kept writing, creating a book series called “For Keeps.” Over time more book ideas came to my mind with different genres from thrillers to teaching tools. I also learned how to write a screenplay for short and feature films, but still lacked confidence. After my husband read the book series For Keeps, he said, I needed to realize I am gifted with creativity, and I must learn like the character Laddie who I am and use the gifts I have been blessed with. His words made me reflect over Laddie.

The character Laddie is a wife and mother living the American dream, supporting her lawyer husband Yisrael in his goals of making a difference for youth in the city in which he was raised. Laddie knows deep in her spirit there is more to her character, but her upbringing subdued her truth. A year after the death of her daughter, she finds herself fighting for her family’s survival which forces her true identity out. Surrounded by a mystical guide, the revelation of who she is not only empowers Laddie, but strengthen her family.

Associating with Laddies’ character, built a level of confidence in me. Then a door opened which furthered my confidence as a writer. First a publishing company reached out. Once the book was republished, I was contacted by ReadersMagnet with another opportunity to do a book signing in LA with LA Times Festival of Books. Where on April 23-24,2022 I will be highlighting “For Keeps Return of The Queen.” Synopsis: Detective Brown thought he had solved the crimes a year earlier becomes stressed and having nightmares when another murder occurs. The Jones family’s world is rocked when a letter is delivered stating Yisrael fathered a set of triplets by another woman, and the children are heading to meet him. Fear strikes the family as they look at photos of the boys, and they look identical to their three-year-old daughter Kayla who was able to transform herself into a beast. Trying to escape, the family finds themselves fighting for their lives. Through their battle it is revealed through a mystical light, the family has a mission, however one child is left questioning who he is.

Having this opportunity with ReadersMagnet and Author’s Lounge, I believe will propel me forward with the dream of my books being on the best sellers list. But the dream does not stop there. I can see the For Keeps series becoming a movie and Lightning Strikes Twice a TV series. I will always be a dreamer that’s part of who I am. Even though I am a wife and a mother, I can create my dreams by continuing to write.

To learn more about ReadersMagnet and Author's Lounge check out their website

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