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Keeshann Jones

Keeshann is an inspiration to many who has dedicated her life to inspiring and empowering others. As an author, producer, motivational speaker, director, wife, and mother of 22, she juggles many roles with grace and determination. She loves traveling and hiking in her free time. As the founder of Nahsek Productions LLC, she creates content to uplift spirits and ignite hope. With years of experience running an outreach ministry for inner city children, she has a heart for helping the underserved and marginalized. As a spokesperson for Adopt Us Kids, she advocates for children in the foster care system waiting to be adopted into loving homes. To learn more about adoption check out Raising her children brings her the most joy, she hopes her teachings and life examples shows them the values of hard work, persistence, and passion. She lives by the motto that you are never too old or too young to make a difference in this world. Her energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious, and she hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams, no matter how big they may seem.

My Story

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Over the years my husband and I have been blessed with an ever-growing family. This experience has enabled me to think outside the box and adapt to change, positioning me as a forward-thinker. In addition to my entrepreneurial endeavors, I've been deeply committed to making a positive impact on my family and community. Actively engaging in philanthropic initiatives, I support causes centered around education, youth and women empowerment, also mental health awareness. By using my platform to uplift others and inspire positive change I believe we can all make a difference. My dedication to personal growth is unwavering; I invest time in expanding my horizons through reading, and networking with like-minded individuals across various industries. This devotion allows me to stay at the forefront of my respective fields and remain adaptable in an ever-evolving landscape. Outside my professional endeavors, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, immersing myself in new cultures through travel, and maintaining an active lifestyle by hiking or dancing. A balanced approach to life is crucial; one which value both personal and professional well-being alike. With multifaceted talents coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit faithful to making a meaningful impact on society, it's my goal to serve as an inspiration for individuals from all domains - igniting positive change that will shape our world for the better!

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