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From Invisible Lines 


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 Film Festival Submissions
  • Black American Film Festival       

  • Riverside Film Festival

  • Tribeca Film Festival     

  • Los Angeles Short Film Festival

  • Cannes short Film Festival     

  • The Womans Film Festival  

  • International Hollywood Short Film Festival

  • Cannes Independent Film Festival  Selected

  • Serbest International Film Festival  Semi-Finalist



Logline: The compelling story of Maggie’s desire to live a wholesome life while fighting a shattered reality in her mental health

Synopsis: The adverse childhood trauma Maggie a middle-aged woman received as a child from her mother Betsy, triggered a psychological break. To prove herself, Maggie works hard to keep up appearances at home and work, but in reality, mentally, her world is falling apart. At work she conducts herself as a woman who has it all together. But behind closed doors the truth that plagues her comes out. She finds there are many things that prompt an emotional response that reminds her of the hell she grew up in. No matter how hard she tries to free herself from the brokenness, Betsy with her constant calling spewing verbal assaults always reminds her of the abuse. Maggie, not strong enough to stand against her mother, takes the insults. For comfort Maggie leans on her husband Ryan, who tries his best to encourage her. For a while his support, medication and counseling kept her stable. But as her boys grew and didn’t need her as much, the voices in her head became louder. Over time her relationships with family and friends fractured from her intensifying mood swings. It had become hard for Maggie to distinguish the difference between reality and fiction.

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